Signs Of Alcoholism

There is a strong possibility that either you or somebody you love may be showing signs of alcohol addiction and you’re not 100% positive if this is true. That’s why you need to pay close attention to the way you or this person acts around alcohol, and you need to begin to look for the specific signs that often let somebody know whether or not they are truly an alcoholic.

I’m going to lay out some of those signs right now with explanations so you can determine whether or not the sign is pertinent to you or the person that you care about.

Do You Drink Alcohol to Make Yourself Feel Happy? – This is one of the first signs you need to look out for if you are trying to determine whether you or somebody you care about is an alcoholic. Obviously you’re going to have to ask the person you care about if this is something that they feel. But if you cannot feel happy or normal throughout the day without ingesting alcohol then there is obviously a problem that’s either beginning to develop, or has developed. So figure out if this is an issue that you are struggling with and write it down or make a mental note of it.

Signs Of Alcoholism

Do You Often Feel Shame or Guilt about Your Drinking? – Guilt and shame are two major indicators that a person’s drinking has gotten out of control. You would have no reason to feel either of these negative emotions if you didn’t feel like you’re drinking was spiraling out of reach. Most normal people go out drinking whenever they feel like it and don’t have any issue with their drinking as far as guilt and shame is concerned. They will go about their business the very next day, often feeling a little bit hung over but not feeling any kind of remorse, guilt, or shame because of the experience.

Do You Often Find Yourself Hiding Your Alcohol? – This obviously ties in directly to shame and guilt. You would not consider hiding your drinking habit unless you or somebody you knew felt that your drinking was becoming a problem. Why would you hide something like this unless you didn’t want specific people knowing about it? You wouldn’t hide it all, and you’d have no reason to lie to those closest to you to protect yourself from whatever they might say regarding your signs of alcohol addiction. There would be nothing to protect so you’d have absolutely no reason to lie.

Do You Have to Drink In Order to be Able to Relax? – This is a major sign that you have serious potential of being an alcoholic. Nobody can truly diagnose you but you, which is the reason why I’m saying there is potential there. You know yourself and you know how you drink and it’s important that you be honest with yourself so you can see what you’ve truthfully been doing.

If you really need a drink to relax then you are quite possibly physically addicted to alcohol since your anxiety levels go up when you aren’t drinking. Obviously the physical addiction to alcohol is a strong sign that you are an alcoholic and you have a mental addiction as well. The physical addiction wouldn’t exist if the mental addiction wasn’t there.

Are You Unable to Stop Drinking After Only One or Two Drinks? – This is one of the major signs of alcoholism for a lot of drinkers because they want to go out and just have a few drinks while they watch a game or some sporting event with their friends, but once they start drinking the addiction takes over and they can’t stop consuming their alcoholic beverage of choice no matter how hard they try. This usually leads to drinking yourself into a blackout or a point where you just can’t remember what you did the night before.

And you’ll end up staying out all night and drinking, which is often bad since you might not show up to work or you’ll miss some other very important personal commitment that you were supposed to attend. To these are some very important signs of alcoholism that you need to pay close attention to in yourself or somebody you care about. If a person exhibits a lot of these signs then there’s a very good chance that they truly need to get some professional help (800-303-2482).

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