5 Signs Of Alcohol Addiction

In this article we are going to take a brief look at the five signs of alcoholism and what they can mean to you and the alcoholic. Alcoholism is a very serious condition that needs to be handled properly if the alcoholic is ever going to have a chance at getting their life back to some type of a meaningful existence.

When an alcoholic only exists to drink, their life is completely out of control and they seriously need help. So look for these signs of alcohol addiction if you believe that somebody you love is suffering from this problem. If you notice these signs, do whatever you can to get them help to treat this unfortunate disease.

First Sign of Alcohol Addiction

Tolerance – If a person who drinks on a regular basis seems to have a more difficult time getting drunk, then they have obviously built themselves up a tolerance to alcohol. The only way to build tolerance to alcohol is to continuously ingest it on such a regular basis that your body becomes used to it. A high level of tolerance is definitely one of the signs that you should be aware of.

5 Signs of Alcohol Addiction

Second Sign of Alcohol Addiction

Withdrawal – If somebody that you love or know is at a point where they experience physical problems when they don’t have alcohol, then this is definitely a serious sign that they are struggling with alcohol addiction. This tells you that their body is so physically hooked on alcohol that they can’t function normally without it.

Nobody ever really wants to reach this level with an addiction, so if you see somebody at this stage do whatever you can to try and help them overcome this problem. They may fight and act nasty with you but truthfully they are desperate for help and will be very grateful at some point in their life when they are managing their condition a lot better.

Third Sign of Alcohol Addiction

Out of Control Drinking – If you know somebody who has literally no control over the amount of alcohol that they drink, then they obviously have a serious problem and might still be in denial of it. But this is one of the signs that you need to look for so that you can try and help wake this person up to the fact that alcohol is literally killing them slowly.

Denial is a major problem for a lot of alcoholics, so it’s certainly going to be a good thing if you try and point this out to the alcoholic. They’ll probably hate you for it at first, but you’ll be doing whatever you can to help save their life, and that’s all that really matters.

Fourth Sign of Alcohol Addiction

Doesn’t Know How to Stop Drinking – When somebody you see has a drinking problem and they try hard to quit but they just can’t seem to do it then it’s fairly obvious that they have an alcoholism problem. They may even believe they would rather continue drinking, and be convinced so at times, but at other times they wish they could stop. So look out for this issue and try and help them as best you can.

Fifth Sign of Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol Consumes the Alcoholic’s Life – If someone you know changes the way they act because of their drinking, and they stop activities that they normally love to do, then this is a major sign of alcoholism. You may notice a change in their friends, their values around activities, a new set of activities, or a loss of interest. They may be set in their ways and hard to talk to, yet these are signs to take note of. Don’t bother pointing them out unless you are doing an actual intervention for that will usually only cause tension, which places you further away from a helpful position in their life.

Do whatever you can to help somebody who is struggling with these five signs of alcoholism. This person can’t help themselves and they really need your assistance even though they may act like they don’t want it.

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