How To Avoid Alcoholism

If you happen to be reading this article right now then you are probably wondering if it’s actually possible to avoid alcoholism. The truth is that it’s not possible for a person to avoid alcohol addiction if they are genetically predisposed to it. There are plenty of people who can go out and have a few drinks and go home without any problem whatsoever.

There are other people in the world who will go out, have a few drinks, and when they decide they want to go home they don’t because they feel like there is something keeping them there and they will feel like they need to continue to drink more and more until they are drunk or blackout at the end of the night and have no clue what happened.

This isn’t something you can avoid because your genetic makeup are a big reason why you will drink the way you do if you are an alcoholic. So you’re going to have to learn to live with this and the best way to manage this condition is permanent abstinence.

How to Avoid Alcoholism

Keeping Your Alcoholism Problem from Being a Negative Issue in Your Life – Well, the main thing you need to realize right away is that drinking is a serious problem for you and the best way to keep it under control is to completely abstain from it. Once you pick up that first drink, you know that you’re going to have to continue to drink because the alcohol demon inside of you will not let you stop no matter how hard you try.

The alcohol demon is obviously a metaphor, but if you ask the alcoholic they will tell you it feels like there’s some kind of demon possessing them that they can’t control. So you want to do whatever you can to abstain from drinking alcohol. If you follow some of the traditions of AA, they will tell you to only try and abstain from alcohol one day at a time.

They’re not telling you that you need to quit drinking for the rest of your life because they understand how daunting of a task that can seem for a lot of people and it will scare them. They just want you to take it one day at a time.

Do you see where I’m going with this? Just do your best to abstain from alcohol for whatever period of time you think you can handle. And once you reach that level make another commitment to stay sober for a little bit longer. Before you know it you’ll be able to stay sober for a day, and then days will turn into weeks and then momentum will build up and you’ll have been sober for years.

So the methods of Alcoholics Anonymous definitely do work, and if you can follow their rules and traditions then you will have a very good chance at staying sober for the rest of your life, but you’ll do it one day at a time. So, you are never going to be able to avoid alcoholism if you are genetically predisposed. But you can definitely make an effort to stay sober and there is plenty of help out there for you.

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