What Does Alcoholism Do To The Body?

Unfortunately for the alcoholic, drinking alcohol on a regular basis presents a lot of potential future problems for the body. Obviously this substance is not very healthy for you, and it can bring about some nasty conditions that you certainly aren’t going to want to live with. But the problem with alcohol is that it is so addictive that it takes a hold of the person and it doesn’t want to let go and it’s often very hard for this person to stop drinking on their own.

But that’s a different topic for another day, and we’re going to take a look at some of the physical effects that alcohol can have on the human body. One major problem that alcohol addiction often brings about within people is arthritis. Gouty arthritis is often a symptom of alcohol abuse and it requires medical treatment so you should seek out medical help if you feel you have developed it.

Another major problem that alcoholics often face is cancer. Obviously you know how serious this potential condition can be, and it should be one of the major reasons why an alcoholic would finally stop drinking. Unfortunately we have a tendency to deny things and the alcoholic won’t see cancer as a problem because they’ll be in denial. The forms of cancer that alcoholics experience are esophagus cancer, pharynx cancer, larynx cancer, pancreatic cancer, liver cancer, mouth cancer, breast cancer, and rectum cancer.

What Does Alcoholism Do To The Body?

Fetal alcohol syndrome is the third issue that I would like to bring to light in this article. Obviously this pertains directly to pregnant women who continue to drink. The health of your unborn child is extremely at risk if you drink while pregnant and fetal alcohol syndrome is one of the potential problems that your unborn child might experience.

This will cause serious physical and behavioral abnormalities. So please stay away from alcohol while pregnant because you are seriously risking the health of your unborn child, and they don’t deserve to develop physically and behaviorally abnormal. They didn’t do anything to anybody. So please protect this unborn child as best as you can.

Another physical problem that I’d like to bring to your attention that can be caused by alcoholism is heart disease. Drinking alcohol regularly will raise your blood pressure and it leaves you very vulnerable to heart disease and stroke. This is most prevalent in the heavy drinkers, if you are a light drinker and a more moderate drinker than you don;t have as much of a risk for heart disease as the heavy drinkers.

Hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia are two other conditions that you might develop due to drinking alcohol. Both of these conditions are blood-sugar related and alcohol can screw up your blood-sugar, as we all know. Kidney disease and liver disease are also two major problems that the alcoholic faces. Alcohol can enlarge your kidneys and prevent them from functioning properly, and it also causes of fatty liver, cirrhosis, and hepatitis.

Malnutrition and obesity are also two other serious problems that can be caused by alcoholism. The heavy drinker doesn’t often eat properly so the body is already lacking vitamins. The alcohol is destroying all of the other vitamins and nutrients as well so this can be a serious problem. A lot of alcoholics don’t eat right either and they are seriously malnourished because of this disease.

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