Alcohol Poisoning Treatment

Alcohol Poisoning Treatment

There are quite a few people who mistake alcohol poisoning for a hangover. Though both of them pretty much have the same negative impact on the individual, alcohol poisoning is much more severe. If not given the proper attention, it can even be fatal.

If an individual does experience alcohol poisoning, then it is imperative that the individual is subjected to medical treatment as soon as possible.

The quicker the medical attention, the greater the chances of the individual recovering successfully and not being impacted as negatively as it could turn out if put off.

The symptoms of alcohol poisoning do not reverse overnight and thus it will take some time to recover from.

Alcohol Poisoning Treatment

To people who do not know what alcohol poisoning actually is, it is a medical condition caused by consumption of too much alcohol within a short time period. A human body can effectively process one glass of wine or one beer per hour. If more alcohol is consumed in an hour, then there could be some serious medical problems to deal with once it goes past a certain point.

Excessive alcohol consumption would lead to alcohol making its presence felt in the individual’s blood stream. If the alcohol consumption is coupled with drugs, such as opiates or sedatives, then the negative effect of the alcohol on the individual would go up considerably. Excessive alcohol consumption has the ability to have a major impact on the individual’s lungs and heart.

This puts the individual at risk of the danger of going into a coma or even leading to death in certain extreme cases. Excessive consumption of alcohol also has an impact on the gag reflex of an individual and that, as a result, makes it difficult for the body to expel excess alcohol out of the stomach. If the gag reflex becomes active when the individual is unconscious, then that can lead to vomiting and the person can even choke to death.

Some of the other potential effects of alcohol poisoning are a heart attack and low blood sugar that can potentially even lead to seizures. There are several symptoms of alcohol poisoning and the major one is unconsciousness. It becomes difficult to wake up an individual when he or she has alcohol poisoning. Some of the other symptoms of alcohol poisoning are irregular or slow breathing, bluish or pale skin, especially near the lips.

There could be several bouts of vomiting as well. Though most people with alcohol poisoning would almost invariably be unconscious, those who are awake would be extremely confused or puzzled. They would not have any idea of things happening around them. Though there are several symptoms of alcohol poisoning, it does not mean that all of these symptoms must show up to confirm a case of alcohol poisoning.

Even a couple of symptoms should be proof enough that the individual is experiencing alcohol poisoning. Even if it is not associated with alcohol poisoning, it could be some other medical problem. Medical assistance should be immediately sought if an individual has any possible symptoms of alcohol poisoning. Medical assistance might take its time to show up and it is important that an individual sits beside the patient until the ambulance shows up.

Sitting beside the individual would ensure that the patient does not end up choking. There is no single shot treatment or medication that can immediately resolve alcohol poisoning. The key here is to cautiously remove the alcohol from the body, and this needs to be done by a medical professional. During alcohol poisoning treatment, the patient may be administered oxygen therapy, airway protection, and some extra fluid to ease the breathing procedure and also negate any choking symptoms.

This is a serious condition and if anyone is suspected of alcohol poisoning, it is essential to seek emergency medical assistance immediately. Some individuals are hesitant to draw attention to their intoxication, but someone’s life may be on the line, and that would clearly be a much worse predicament to be faced with. If you are faced with this you must only follow the advice of a trained medical professional for this is an extremely dangerous situation.

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