The Effects of Alcoholism

There are lots of people that often wonder about the true effects of alcoholism and what it might do to the alcoholic and the people in the alcoholic’s life. One thing you have to remember is that alcohol is a disease and it certainly affects much more than the alcoholic themselves.

I know the alcoholic would like to believe otherwise, but their friends and family do not want to sit back and watch them slowly drink themselves to death. So if you have been trying to lie to yourself and say that your drinking problem only hurts you then hopefully you will read this and see that you have been wrong.

How Alcoholism Affects Personal Relationships

Unfortunately, as I’m sure you probably have an idea already, alcohol addiction is a serious burden to many different relationships, if not all of them. If one person is an alcoholic in a relationship and the other person is sober, they will really not be happy that this person cannot control their drinking and it will often result in arguing and fighting between couples. The sober person in the couple does not want to fight with the alcoholic because they are angry with them and they want to get back at them.

The Effects of Alcoholism

While they are certainly going to be angry, they’re only angry because they love this person and they really care for them and they want to make sure that they can get better. All of you alcoholics who think that your significant other constantly nags you because they enjoy it, please realize that they only do it because they want to see you live a happy and healthy life. And they want to see you stop destroying yourself with alcohol.

How Alcoholism Affects Family Relationships

The relationship between an alcoholic parent and their children is often seriously tarnished when the alcoholic is caught in the midst of their disease. More often than not, an alcoholic will be a very loud and a mean drunk, which is extremely scary for children in many cases.

My mother grew up with her father who was an awfully bad alcoholic who never got any help for his problem. He was a really belligerent drunk and he would often beat my grandmother while my mom and my uncle watched while hiding under the kitchen table. They were helpless because they were way too little to do anything about it.

Little kids often see really bad things like this all the time and alcoholism can screw them up just as much, if not more, than it screws up the alcoholic themselves. So if you are an alcoholic reading this please recognize that your children are in a lot of pain and your drinking is hurting them so much. So try and do whatever you can to stop drinking and get all of the right help and support so that you can make this part of your reality and not just a dream.

Physical Effects of Alcoholism

Yes, alcohol abuse can cause a lot of nasty physical affects that you really don’t want to have to live with. Some of the main problems caused by alcoholism are heart disease, stroke, diabetes, hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia, liver disease, kidney disease, malnutrition, cancer, and arthritis, to name just a few of the potential problems you might experience later on in life as an alcoholic. So these are the major effects of alcoholism on a few different levels. Please learn these effects so that you can use them as a strong reason to finally quit drinking for good.

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