Alcohol Withdrawal Seizures

Something you probably do not know about substance abuse and addiction is just how common seizures are when someone is going through withdrawal after they have decided to stop using a substance in a way that is ruining their lives. When you have been drinking on a daily basis for long periods of time, your body will demand that you continue to drink in order to function normally.

When you stop drinking alcohol because you are tired of allowing it to determine how you will live for the rest of your life, you will find that there are some common symptoms that you will experience when you are going through the detox process. Things such as headaches, weakness, joint pain, muscle pain, and insomnia are some of the symptoms that many addicts will face when they have reached the point where continuing to drink is no longer an option.

Alcohol Withdrawal Seizures

While these problems can be painful, they are not nearly as bad as allowing the rest of your life to go by and wondering what it would have been like if you were not an addict.

If you know in your mind that you are going through the pain of addiction daily, you owe it to yourself to see what your life would be like when you are not on the substance.

Withdrawal can be bad, but you can limit the pain attached to these by simply making sure that you are in the right treatment center.

Alcohol Withdrawal Seizures

Another symptom that can come along with withdrawal is depression; this is due to the fact that the addict starts to feel like nobody understands what they are going through or cares about their struggle, and from not having the feelings that alcohol gave them in their system, covering up their bad feelings. As a result, they feel the need to drink despite knowing that it is not within their best interest.

Seizures are possible symptoms depending on the level of addiction and one’s state of health. Avoiding the ramifications of withdrawal seizures means getting through the detox process with the help of someone that has been specially trained in providing medical assistance in a moment of need. Typically, addicts are able to get help for their problem through a detox facility.

Withdrawal seizures are triggered through certain activities in the brain during the withdrawal process. There are various forms of seizures that can be experienced during the withdrawal process. As many as 30% of individuals going through severe withdrawal have a good chance of experiencing seizures. There is continuing research into the exact causes of withdrawal seizures so far as their origins and medications to reduce their likelihood of happening.

There is ongoing study and research in this area, and it is not entirely understood, though one’s chances of having a seizure does show promise at being reduced with some medications, though this cannot be guaranteed, as some laboratory tests have shown mixed results. The one factor that does seem to show a heightened risk of experiencing withdrawal seizures is when one has detoxed from alcohol numerous times, as research indicates that permanent changes in the brain’s chemistry appear to occur through going through multiple bouts of withdrawal.

It is recommended to always have medical help during the detox process. Having 24 hour assistance with withdrawal, the person is able to rest assured that they are in good hands, and they are provided with medication when necessary that can reduce some of the symptoms. For someone addicted to alcohol, they should also think about continuing with treatment after detox in order to give themselves the best long-term chance of staying away from alcohol.

The best approach to the potential of withdrawal seizures is getting into an inpatient facility so that you always have someone watching out for your health. If there are any other possible factors that may need to be considered, such as any additional medication one is on or health conditions, the medical staff will know how to approach this, and knowing this ahead of time is very important for the detox process. If you do suffer from a seizure, you want to be able to count on people that will provide you with the medical help that you need right away.

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